• Faq
  • Which garage door is perfect for me?

    There are three basic steps to follow while choosing a garage door.

    • Choose the best material for your garage door that fits your needs and easy for you to maintain. Gartech has a lot of choices for you in this.
    • Next is to select the best design for your garage door that complements your house.
    • The most important point is to look for garage doors that are energy efficient and makes less noise.
  • Why should I go for insulated garage doors over non-insulated one?

    Insulated garage doors offer following merits over non-insulated garage doors.

    • Reduce the transferring of heat and cold air entering your garage.
    • Energy-efficient
    • More attractive and quieter as compared to non-insulated garage doors.
  • How much headroom is required to install a garage door?

    Normally, 12” of headroom is required to install residential overhead garage door. Besides, an extra 2” is also needed for installing the garage door opener.

  • What are the types of springs available and which is best?

    The most common springs available are extension springs and torsion springs. Torsion springs are placed directly at the top of the door and are wound up in rotational way. Extension springs are placed on the both sides of the door and it extend or stretch with the door closing.

    Torsion springs are better than extension springs as they work smoothly and are safe.

  • What horsepower is recommended for garage door openers?

    In general, garage door openers of 1/3 HP is recommended for single wide doors whereas ½ HP is recommended for double wide doors.

  • How do safety beam sensors work?

    Safety beam sensors are not visible and continuously scan the garage door when it is opened. If it is interrupted by anything, it stops the door automatically. In order to function properly, beams should be located not more than 6” from the ground.

  • Do you provide services on the weekends and at night too?

    Yes, Gartech is available for you 24/7 and 365 days. We are always there for your service.